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We at Emission Power assist people to switch over to Solar Power, as India is blessed with more than 300 days of abundant sunshine throughout the year in most of its regions. We have a dedicated team of professionals, which includes Engineers & Financial Experts. We have domain knowledge of Solar Power projects and specialized in conceptualization to commissioning of solar roof top power project which ranges from 1 kWp to 1000 kWp (i.e. 1 MW).

We have already quality controlled the complete process of setting up of Roof Top Solar Power, which results into reduced project timelines, ensuring quality management & long lasting plant performance.

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Emission Power Features


One complete solution

It's a complete solution containing every component you need get you setup and started quickly.


Safe, reliable and high-efficiency

All key components have been qualified by Emission Power Solar under strict supervision to meet today's rigorous quality standards .


Design to fit all rooftops

Our Solar’s modular design makes it easy to match different roof shapes, even if you need to place your panels in different locations.

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